Culture Vulture (Or: Meanwhile, on the Internets)

Twice a month on a Thursday, I’ll be linking to my favourite pop cultures articles and features. Let the linking commence!

I was so sad to hear about Philip Seymour Hoffman. Read some reflections on his work

I LOVED the introduction and development of Mary on the BBC’s Sherlock. Read Vulture’s interview with the lovely Amanda Abbington

I’m a complete nerd about ‘actor spotting’ which is what I call my remembering actors from a five minute guest appearance on Law & Order and then spotting them when they show up in a crowd scene in The Avengers (Doesn’t everyone do this?) Anyway, this article at Refinery29 consequently made me very happy.

We’re planning a Veronica Mars celebratory highlight/marathon/quote-fest in anticipation of the movie coming out, and this guide will definitely come in handy.

And I know this has been everywhere, but I still love it: Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee with Tina Fey.


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