Culture Vulture (Or: Meanwhile, on the Internets)

Hello and happy Thursday everyone! Below are some links to culture-y stuff I’ve enjoyed recently. Go forth and click away…

Have you read the brilliant Anne T Donahue’s amazing Old Lady Movie Night series for Hello Giggles yet? Anne watches the great ‘classics’ of her youth and her commentary is both accurate and hilarious. Her viewing of Jurassic Park is a highlight.

Following on from the first Pop Arts Recommends being Friday Night Lights a couple of weeks ago, take a look at Matt WatchesDefinitive List of the Best characters on Friday Night Lights.  I am in total agreement with his top 10 – great choices.

I’m a bit of an infographics geek, so this new exhibition at the British Library looks amazing. Beautiful and informative!

The Brit Awards are always a tad on the cringy side; I generally spend the whole time bracing myself for secondhand embarrassement. I managed to get through this year ok, with only Katy Perry’s English accent causing pain (thank you TiVo fast forward) and I enjoyed the BBC’s rundown of the night even more.

And finally, in connection to last Thursday’s post, read Kerry‘s description of what sounds like the best Galentine’s Day ever.


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