Pop Arts Recommends…Gregory Porter

This month’s Pop Arts Recommends subject is the sublime Gregory Porter.

I first encountered Gregory via the Alex Lester show. Lester regularly plays some lesser known artists and the first time he played a Gregory Porter track, I fell in love. Porter has easily the most beautiful voice I’ve ever heard (I will totally stand by this) and the way he soars, tiptoes and glides through his songs is still mesmerising to me.

Below is ‘Be Good (Lion’s song), the first Gregory Porter song I ever heard and still one of my favourites:

Porter has a gift of making jazz seem more accessible. Lots of people are put off by the mechanics of jazz music, but something about the honey in Porter’s voice makes it seem warm and easy. His songs are stories; they are creative, interesting and vibrant.

Gregory talking about his career and love of jazz

Read some chats with the man himself, at NPR and at Stiehl/Over. It’s impossible to feel bad and listen to Gregory Porter. Just try:

Being awesome on Later…with Jools Holland

I hereby challenge you to have a fully functioning soul and not be moved by Gregory Porter’s voice. Listen and spread the word.


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