Culture Vulture (Or: Meanwhile, on the Internets)

Hello lovelies! Can it be that time again? Why yes! See below for some awesome stuff I’ve been checking out over the last few weeks.

I saw the Veronica Mars movie this week, which was AMAZING (review coming this Saturday). Check out the awesome Sarah Dessen‘s adorable fan experience at the premiere and Anne T. Donahue‘s totally accurate list of things to learn from the movie [mild spoilers ahoy!]

Simpsons & I love this. No other explanations needed.

The advice from Rookie is always so sage and helpful. This guide to getting going with writing is wonderful and inspiring.

Can’t stop listening to Coldplay’s version of Gravity.

I really enjoyed Perpetual Page Turner‘s post on being a mood reader and can totally relate. I definitely need to be in a specific mood to read different things.


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