Culture Vulture (Or: Meanwhile, on the Internets)

Roll call time! This week’s round up of links below. Wishing you all a happy Easter/long weekend!

Fred Astaire in Easter Parade

My love of Dawson’s Creek has already been documented. Read Kevin Williamson, the series creator, talk about his experiences writing for the show and his thoughts on the final episode.

I sort of maybe totally hero-worship Martha Plimpton. I’m super excited to see Other Desert Cities at The Old Vic and loved this article featuring all three actresses in the play: Claire Higgins, Sinead Cusack and Martha Plimpton. Acting titans!

Emma Stone has been being completely adorable about the Spice Girls. I know just how she feels.

The Olivier Awards were on Sunday. Here are the list of winners. So thrilled for Ghosts; it was amazing!

Here are 16 teen show soundtracks that defined your life. I’m not ashamed to admit I owned several of these…

And finally…

Eleanor and Park will be a movie!


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