Throwback Thursday: Pop Arts Revisits… Musicology!

Good day all; apologies for the missing TBT article last week – hectic life stuff got in the way and I forgot to post it!

This week I talk about my favourite of all things: Prince. Specifically, the first Prince album I ever owned that  truly made me realise his greatness. The album that’s this week’s throwback is Musicology.

You guys, I listened and I fell in love. It was like a revelation to me. I vaguely knew of the Prince big hitters, ‘Kiss’, ‘1999’ and ‘When Doves Cry’, primarily, but this album sparked a whole new feeling. I initially wanted to impress a boy  (look, I know that’s terrible, but I was 15, ok?). Said cute boy got me to listen to ‘A Sign of the Times’ and I was hooked. Here was an artist creating songs that were both musically interesting and powerful. Musicology came out not long after and I grabbed and listened to it over and over, like my life depended on it. This was Prince’s most successful album for many years and it’s easy to see why. It’s just so damn funky.

See, Prince is excited too!

Musicology was released in 2004, when I was a teenager. In the same way that other albums were helping figure out my place in the world and what being an adult meant, Prince was helping me figure how much FUN life is. The whole album is like one big party. I played it at every actual party I held for about a year – resisting protests from my less discerning friends to play something else – hoping that somehow the cool vibes from Prince would convince everyone.

My all-time favourite track from the album is still ‘Life o’ the Party’. It makes me feel cool and fun and like I could hang with Prince. Maybe. There’s also the plea to not have to sleep ‘On the Couch’, the politically themed ‘Cinnamon Girl’ and the love song to music that is ‘Musicology’ – a mere selection of treasures from the album.

If you want a collection of great R&B songs, with a definite leaning towards the fun in life, then Musicology is a safe bet. I listen to it now and I’m back in my room, leaping around and singing along, getting ready to go out and see my friends.

I think it would be remiss to close this post and not link to Kerry at Welcome to Ladyville, who is as big a Prince fan as I am.Go and read her, friends!

Also, I really wanted to use this gif. You’re welcome.



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