Tuesday Track – Jack Savoretti

I love this song; it manages to be both pretty and dark at the same time. Also, who knew Sienna Miller could sing?


Tuesday Track – Wilco

I came across this song after reading an article on Rookie and immediately fell in love with it and Wilco. There’s so much longing and sadness in this song, it’s almost unbearable. But, ummm, have fun listening! Ahem.



Tuesday Track – Bloc Party

I listened to a LOT of Bloc Party when I was a teenager and they had just broken out. This track remains one of my favourites.



Tuesday Track – Lykke Li

This song makes me want to dance, dance, dance!


Tuesday Track – Dawn Landes

I first heard this track when it was used on a Harry Potter documentary (look, I’m a nerd, ok?). It’s a bittersweet song that invokes the nostalgic in me.


Tuesday Track – The Civil Wars

This is such a powerful, atmospheric song. It always gives me a bit of chill, especially when you consider it was The Civil Wars’ last official single following their decision to go on hiatus. Let’s hope they figure out a way to keep making music like this.


July/August Round Up

Hello all! Sorry it’s been so quiet around here lately – July and August have been mega busy with work/life stuff.

Below is a list of I have watched/read/enjoyed over the last two months that won’t get individual spots on the blog. Hope you’re all having a great summer!

Where I should be right now

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Tuesday Track – Kimbra

Kimbra is best known for appearing on Gotye’s ‘Somebody That I Used to Know’ but she’s a pretty amazing singer in her own right. Her whole album is great, but this is one of my favourites.


Tuesday Track – Frank Ocean

Beautiful, beautiful song from Frank Ocean. Such a heartbreaking song and performance. Give it a listen…