Book Review: I Don’t Know What You Know Me From (Confessions of a Co-Star) by Judy Greer

Essay collections seem to be becoming popular again, especially amongst high profile women. I Don’t Know What You Know Me From was my third such collection, following Tiny Fey’s Bossypants and Mindy Kaling’s Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?

I Don’t Know What You Know Me From (Confessions of a Co-Star) is by Judy Greer, an immensely prolific actress, who will be familiar to most people who own a TV set. I picked this up because I do know what I know Greer from, having seen/owned enough films she has appeared in to legitimately start a Judy Greer collection. Greer is known for being a smart comedy actress and for playing a multitude of best friends in various romantic comedies. I like her a lot as an actor (seeing her name on a cast list usually means a plus for me when it comes to choosing films) and I think it would be fair to say that those best friend roles are usually far more interesting than our leading lady. I Don’t Know… is both a sort of memoir and essay collection, taking us from Greer’s childhood through to her move to Hollywood and subsequent acting career.

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July/August Round Up

Hello all! Sorry it’s been so quiet around here lately – July and August have been mega busy with work/life stuff.

Below is a list of I have watched/read/enjoyed over the last two months that won’t get individual spots on the blog. Hope you’re all having a great summer!

Where I should be right now

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Throwback Thursday: Pop Arts Revisits…Greek!

I happened across the sweet nugget of joy that is Greek when I was home ill from work one day a few years ago. I was flipping through the channels trying to find something to distract myself with. I chanced upon a double bill of Greek, then being shown on E4. It happened to be only the fourth episode of the first season and after those first two episodes, I was hooked.

Through the miracle that is modern technology, I set the TV up to record the two episodes shown every weekday lunch time, binge-watching whenever I had the flat to myself. I zipped through all four seasons in a year and was slightly heartbroken when it ended and I realised I had no more new episodes to look forward to.

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Top 10 Tuesday – Link up with the Broke and the Bookish


July 15: Top Ten Favourite TV Shows!

This week’s top 10 is looking at different types of stories. I’ve chosen to focus on my top 10 TV shows:

  1. Friday Night Lights (I feel like a DUH is required after this). The greatest show ever, full of basically everything you could want in…anything really. Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.
  2. Parks and Recreation. Amy Poehler. Chris Pratt. Aziz Ansari. Nick Offerman. Retta. So many reasons to watch this show! One of the best things about Parks and Rec is how sweet and optimistic it is. It makes you want to work hard, give your all and be your own Leslie Knope.
  3. Gilmore Girls. You guys, I love this show. I started watching when I was a student and fell in love. I still want to be Lorelai Gilmore and I’m still thankful that shy, book-reading Rory got to exist on my TV.
  4. 30 Rock. Tiny Fey – is there much more reason needed? I love how off-beat and damn silly 30 Rock is. It’s willingness to mock anything and everything about the world of entertainment is glorious.
  5. The US Office. As a Brit, this feels like a slight betrayal, like I should prefer the original UK series. But I find The Office (UK) just a wee bit too dark, where the US Office has just the right amount of sweetness to temper the hideousness (see: Jim and Pam).
  6. The Good Wife. I was recently introduced to this show by a friend and man, am I grateful. Smart, interesting and challenging, it’s TV for grown ups and it’s never boring or simple.
  7. Greek. The subject of this week’s #tbt, Greek is a light-hearted, fun take on University life and the perfect pick me up on a grey day.
  8. Pretty Little Liars. June’s Pop Arts Recommendation, PLL is full of twists and turns and the most bonkers TV I’ve ever seen.
  9. The Walking Dead. I never expected to love this show as much as I do, but I could literally talk about it for hours (and have, too). Unique premise that allows for really interesting character study, The Walking Dead is exciting and intelligent.
  10. Spaced. Spaced is a daft, lovely, sweet-natured UK comedy that is endearingly silly and self-referencing. It features one of my favourite comedy actresses of all time, Jessica Hynes and never ever fails to make me laugh.

Throwback Thursday: Pop Arts Revisits…The Worst Witch!

This week I’m looking back at a book series I absolutely adored as a child: Jill Murphy’s The Worst Witch.

I was given a bumper edition as a gift at about 8 or 9 and from then on became totally enamoured of Mildred Hubble (our eponymous worst witch). Even now I can remember the book clearly; hardcover, with a blue sleeve and a picture taken from the book’s illustrations in a circle on the centre. The picture was of a wobbly looking Mildred astride her broom, with Tabby her cat perched precariously on the end, tucked inside Mildred’s school bag. Like Anne Shirley (Anne of Green Gables, L M Montgomery) and Sophie (Sophie books, Dick King Smith), Mildred was a scatter-brained mess of a heroine, who meant well and tried hard but was always getting herself into scrapes and letting her mind run ahead of what was possible – or sensible. While these qualities often caused her trouble, they were what made me love Mildred. As a child who meant well and tried hard, but was often awkward, shy and prone to speaking without thinking, I both understood Mildred and sympathised with her totally.

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Pop Arts Recommends: Pretty Little Liars

YOU GUYS. I’m actually not sure how to adequately convey my love for and complete obsession with Pretty Little Liars. If you haven’t found it yet, then BOY, do you have a treat waiting. For those that have: welcome, friend! As the show has just started airing its fifth season, I thought I should spend some time talking about its amazingness.

And thus, the whole show was summed up in one gif.

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Culture Vulture (Or: Meanwhile, on the Internets)

Good day to you all! Sadly, the weather here in the UK is a little more uneven this week than the glorious sunshine we had last week but summer is definitely here!

This week’s bag of internet goodness below…

Lots of interesting opinions on what is ‘literary’ and Donna Tartt’s The Goldfinch in this article. I for one am still excited to read it…

A bookish alternative to the World Cup, courtesy of Penguin!

Pretty Little liars are back and so are the Forever Young Adult recaps – huzzah!

My friend kindly directed me to this blog post about the first UK YA Lit Con – it looks awesome, is anyone going?

Interesting and controversial article about adults reading YA literature. I don’t agree with the views expressed, but I do think reading a decent range of different types of books is good for you as a reader. What do you think?

Really interesting article about caring for our West End Theatres.

And lastly, I LOVE this list of things Coach Taylor has taught us. Clear eyes…

Culture Vulture (Or: Meanwhile, on the Internets)

It’s linkage time again. Apologies for the gap since the last link post – I was off enjoying myself on holiday!

Here are some things I’ve been enjoying on the internet recently:

I got turned on to Jill and Kate (I can’t remember where from, sorry!) and they are GREAT, you guys. Check out their YouTube channel here. Their tour of the UK is almost up, but fingers crossed they come back soon!

Seven tips to help you read more!

I’m not ashamed to admit that I have already pre-ordered my copy of Amy Poehler’s Book, Yes Please. Is it October yet?

Thinking a lot about Community lately, as it has been cancelled. I think I might agree with Anne‘s thoughts on its cancellation but have been relieving some glory moments. I love that someone spotted this joke. It sums up to me what’s best about the show.

I LOVED this video about doing visual comedy a la Edgar Wright. As a huge Spaced fan, I appreciate all his cleverness.

I have recently become totally obsessed with The Good Wife. Are you watching it? You should be!

I was really sad to hear about Maya Angelou passing away last week. This photo set is lovely and along with this video from Sesame Street really sums up her generosity of spirit for me.

Culture Vulture (Or: Meanwhile, on the Internets)

Hellooooo! Time to link to some excellent stuff from elsewhere in the internet.

I am enjoying the Ryan Gosling/Macaulay Culkin T-shirt madness a bit too much.

Speaking of t-shirts, I have already bought two of Out of Print’s lovely shirts and helped send some books with Books for Africa!

How cute is this?

I am sadly too old for this, but it’s a brilliant opportunity via IdeasTap and A Younger Theatre. Check it out, young writers.

How many of these romantic comedies have you seen? I got 116 out of 200. I don’t know whether I’m pleased about that or not…

Following my Spice Girls throwback a couple of weeks ago, I really loved this article on Spice Girls merchandise.

Lastly, Eurovision was amazing as usual at the weekend. All hail Conchita, the very deserving winner!